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Francovision 2016

Added 3 years ago

At the end of the autumn term, all Year 7 French classes compete in Francovision, which is Richard Lander School’s version of the Eurovision Song Contest, where each class performs a dance routine to a famous French song or translation.

This competition is always highly entertaining and winning is taken very seriously. With Mrs Hocking victorious in 2013, 2014 and 2015 the other French teachers were determined she would not win again!

4 Year 10 students were chosen as judges. Points awarded were out of 5 and each judge marked on both  the ‘spectacle’ (show) and ‘qualité vocale’ (singing quality), with all scores and comments being delivered in French. 

The enthusiasm and considerable talent of our current Year 7 meant that the standard of performance was very high and it came down to just one point between first and second place.  Mrs Shine’s 7L1P ‘La Tunisie’ class were looking like certain winners with a score of 39/40 until the final act took to the stage. Ms Garford’s 7R1P class were not intimidated by going last, they represented Le Gabon and sang  ‘Toutes Les Nuits’ by Colonel Reyel, enhancing audiences experience with acrobatics and  cahon drumming. Their   performance wowed the judges so much they awarded an incredibly rare full marks—an unbeatable 40 points. 

Well done to everyone who took part!

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