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Truro Combined Schools Art Project

Added 3 years ago

With the annual Truro Schools Collaborative Project gathering pace for the 2017 public exhibition in Truro’s Lemon Street Gallery, year 8 students from Richard Lander School have once again joined other students from the Truro area to work on exhibits. This year’s workshops started with a visit to John Howard’s print studio in Penryn. The second in the series of workshops saw students Amelie Coombes, Theo Dunford and Caitlin Shaw having the chance to work with Adrian Holmes at a workshop hosted by Truro High School. 

Adrian is a local artist with global influences. He is now based in Redruth’s Krowji studios but much of his training took place as an apprentice to a Japanese print maker and he retains close ties with the country and its aesthetic tradition. His work combines classic painting and wood block print making skills to produce very modern representations of our environment. The students had a chance to learn a range of skills from Adrian before applying these to their own interpretations of Cornish scenes. 

Under Adrian’s guidance Amelie, Theo and Caitlin all worked with students from the other schools in the Truro area to create large scale paintings. It was a great opportunity for the students to learn new skills under the watchful eye of a fantastic and inspiring tutor and, equally, a challenge to work at such a large scale. Adrian then took the students through the process of print making to combine these with the paintings. The final pieces were great examples of modern combinations of classic techniques to create something entirely new; they were also a great opportunity for the students to meet, work with, and make new friends from the Truro area. Next year’s exhibition will be called, ‘You Are Here’ and will look at contemporary art in Cornwall. Adrian’s work with the students will be unveiled at the Exhibition in March as well as a piece created by the teachers from the schools who had a chance to join in with the collaborative spirit of the workshop and exhibition. We look forward to seeing you in March 2017. 


Mr A Conrad

Art Teacher

Richard Lander School