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Japanese Club

Added 4 years ago

Akemashite omeditou gozaimasu   

Happy New Year from Japanese Club!

Our first club meeting of the New Year was a resounding success. Not only did we get sent lots of wonderful matcha (green tea) powder from Japan, we also got origami paper, Japanese chocolates and a very cute ‘totoro’ New Year’s decoration! 

Our language lesson revisited some of last year’s work including the use of the verb ‘dekiru’ – to be able to.  We also learnt the Japanese numbers and how to ask: ‘How old are you?’ (Nan sai desu ka)

Finally, Koge Pan’s adventures got a bit obscure however; he did introduce us to ‘charcoal pan’ who had been in the oven for three hours! 

Miss V. Whitlock

English (and Japanese) Teacher


Richard Lander School