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Christmas at Richard Lander School 2

Added 3 years ago

Along with tutor group parties, the final day of the Autumn term saw a superb display of talent during Year 11 Entertainment.  It was varied and surprising and many long term staff agreed it was the best one we have ever seen. Also, in the final week, Mrs Knight’s Child Development students hosted a Christmas party for 2 Reception classes from Bosvigo School. This provided an opportunity for our students to observe the younger children as they attempted festive activities and to try out healthy party food recipes. 

Finally, Student Leaders enjoyed a trip to Eden’s ice skating rink where they took part in an impromptu Mannequin Challenge, featuring Jools Clarke gliding between (slightly shaky) student statues in ice skates. Please see the school Facebook page for the result..

Here are some photographs of our Lander Christmas!




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