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Exeter Racecourse Maths Day

Added 3 years ago

By Jennifer Upton and Matthew Walker

Mr Collinge had arranged a fantastic opportunity for 30 year 7s and 8s to go to Exeter Racecourse on a maths trip. Once we had finished the two hour journey we were given our work booklets as well as pens. We were lucky enough to get to wear jockey colours for the day. Then we were split into two groups for our morning activities.

Our first activity was the weighing room. In the weighing room, we were told to estimate our own weight then we saw how close to our estimation we were. We also learnt about how a jockey has to make their own weight change in a matter of minutes. Another thing we learnt was that flat racers must be lighter than jump racers as  generally the horses are younger and can carry less weight.

After we learnt all about the weighing room we had a chance to go out on the course. We learnt about the different types of jumps and how they prepare the parade ring before properly measuring it with trundle wheels. Then we had our lunch before the afternoon racing began.

Firstly, we got to see a hurdle race from our designated room. For the second race, we chose the winner on our race card before seeing the second hurdle race of the day. Then we were lucky enough to go down to watch the action closer and see how the trainers warm the horses up. When all the horses had gone off to start we got the chance to watch the third hurdle race from inside the parade ring with all the owners. It was truly spectacular and we all got some good pictures. We then went back up to our room where we learnt a little bit more about the equipment used before watching a steeplechase race. This was unfortunately the last race, so we handed in our jockey colours and we thanked Racing to School (the charity that ran it). We then had the two hour journey home.

This was a fantastic experience that most us thoroughly enjoyed. We had the chance to go behind the scenes where many people don’t go and because of this and the breath-taking racing we can safely say that most of us would definitely go back again.


Richard Lander School