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Update from the Art Department

Added 3 years ago

KS3 Art Club

KS3 Art Club have been busy helping make props for the school production of Annie this half term . They even recreated the Mona Lisa ready for its stage debut. Eat your heart out Leonardo Da Vinci ! 

Art Club is open to years 7, 8 and 9 on Wednesday lunchtimes


The school production of Annie this year allowed the art department to get really creative with the set . Our challenge was to design a versatile set that could change from the grimy orphanage to the opulent surroundings of the Warbucks mansion. Having made a small model to work from we then set about creating the New York skyline and painting the flats for the interchangeable scenes . Lots of help and team work brought together a really fantastic set which really came to life on the evenings of the performances .

Special thanks to Hazel McGregor and Lori-Anne Krausewitz our fantastically skilled technicians. Also big thanks to  Willow Burrows in Year 10 who has aspirations of becoming a set designer and really helped with painting the set.

KS4 Art and Photography

Art and Photography students in Year 11 have now received their exam papers so are working on their exam projects. This will culminate in their GCSE exam after Easter.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of lunchtime and after school sessions that are available throughout this period.

19th and 20th April  - 11A Art 

21st and 24th April  - 11A +11B Photography  

25th and 26th April  - 11D Art  

27th and 28th April - 11H Photography 

After the exams are completed students will be putting on an exhibition of their work at the beginning of May (dates to follow )

Ms N Dalby

Head of Art

Richard Lander School