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Keeping students safe on the internet - Musical-ly

Added 3 years ago

This link is being issued by Police in Cornwall to make us aware of an app which is popular with lots of school age children and the dangers it brings.
Police shared five tips for keeping children using the app safe:
  • Secure their account by making it private - this way only users that your children accept are able to view their videos. You can also block a user if needed.
  • Tell your child to never include their location when posting videos.
  • Tell your children to only accept a follower request if they can be 100% sure that they know the user.
  • The app has an age rating of 13+ so if you find that your child created an account without your permission you can email privacy@musical.ly and let them know that the account was made by someone underage. They will promptly work to delete the account.
  • You can delete all videos, remove their profile picture, change their account name and finally make the account both invisible and unrecognisable before removing it from your child's device/s.
SAFER INTERNET DAY was  celebrated globally on Tuesday 7th February with the theme ‘Be the change: unite for a better internet’
There are resources and activities available here. 
The IT support team are always happy to offer advice to parents who have concerns.  Please email:
Richard Lander School