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Year 9 students enjoy creative writing with author Lisa Glass for World Book Day

Added 3 years ago

On Thursday 2nd March, the Year 9 students who had worked so hard on World Book Day were lucky enough to attend a thought provoking English writing workshop, run by the well-known author Lisa Glass. Lisa Glass is the author of the Blue trilogy of teen novels, published by Quercus Children's Books. Lisa is also co-administrator and book reviewer at literary website Vulpes Libris. Madeleine and Emily  said ‘Everyone entered the classroom and on every desk there were lots of different objects which we were told to use to: create a plot and describe and create a backstory. By the end of the workshop we were all inspired to continue with our stories and with the explanation of how to get our stories published; we are motivated to keep writing in order to see our work in print one day.’

Richard Lander School