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Digital Installation and Printmaking Workshop at The Roseland - Combined Truro Schools Project

Added 1 years ago

On 9th February, 4 lucky Year 8 students who had been specially selected went on a mini bus with the DT and Art technicians for a creative day hosted by the Roseland Academy. It was interesting to see the facilities in another school and meet with students from other Truro schools, and we were made very welcome by the teachers and technicians. They split us into two groups, so the 2 Richard Lander girls stayed with Mrs McGregor in the Art Room and spent the morning learning Printmaking, while the 2 boys went with Mr McGregor to learn Digital Design in preparation for a laser-cutting project. In the afternoon, the groups swapped over so each student got to experience both projects.
In the print making workshop we were taught to make interesting, colourful, multi layered backgrounds that we could then over-print with ‘wood cut’ printing plates. These wooden plates had been pre-prepared by the Roseland staff, by laser etching photos of Cornish natural landmarks onto flat pieces of wood, which could then be inked up liked a lino-print. All the students in the group produced a lovely array of prints, which we were then invited to work into with collage, and at the end of the session everyone had to select their best piece which will be exhibited.
The digital design workshop was a lesson on the computers using 2D software. We were taught step by step how to turn a photo of Cornwall into a line drawing that the laser cutter could understand, which was then scaled to the size a sheet of coloured Perspex, and had areas which would be cut out and interchanged with different colour Perspex. It was a lot to learn and keep up with, but everyone worked well and ended up with an individual design ready to send to the laser cutter, and we will see our work assembled into an installation at the Lander Gallery, opening at 6pm on Thursday March 9th.

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