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Ceramics Workshop with Russell O’Connor – Combined Truro Schools Collaborative Project

Added 1 years ago

This month, 4 very enthusiastic Year 8 art students joined our new Creative Arts technician to visit Truro school for a full day ceramics workshop headed by local ceramics artist and fellow technician, Russell O’Connor.  This was our third workshop for The Combined Truro Schools Collaborative Project, a public exhibition that will be on display at The Lander Gallery in March 2017.
Our day began in Truro School’s well-appointed ceramics studio where the students were given their workshop theme; Cornish Fishing boats. Working with pre-rolled slabs and paper templates the students were eager and quick to start making their boats unique and all their own after Mr. O’Connor’s clay construction tutorial. Keona Hawker made great use of her clay and remarked that she was happy to have extra time to add lots of detail to her boat like anchors, buoys, small people and other fine features.  The students were also instructed to make use of the many clay tools and slip (tinted liquid clay) to add colour, lines and fine details into their designs. By the end of the day the students had fantastic finished pieces ready to be placed in the kiln to be fired.
The only problem for Ellie, Ethan, Charlie and Keona was that they weren’t able to bring their final pieces home. They’ll just have to wait for the exciting unveiling at the exhibition in March!

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