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Iceland 2017

Added 3 years ago

by Lizzie Peverley - Year 10

We departed school in the early hours of the morning and drove to Heathrow airport via coach, we checked in, went through security and waited to board our plane. On-board, we relaxed for a few hours listening to music, eating food and watching movies. We arrived at a chilly Reykjavík and had a look around our hotel and at the heart of Reykjavík itself, enjoying the crisp outdoors.

On the first day of the trip we had to be ready by 8:00am. We went high up in the mountains and had a look at a volcanic lake, hot pots, a place that dries fish heads and went to the place where the Eurasian and the North American tectonic plates meet. Finally we went to the Blue lagoon; that was my highlight. What a day!

On the second day we went past Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano which erupted in 2010. Scientists are still worried that a volcano which shares its magma chamber with Eyjafjallajökull might erupt anytime now! After that we visited a beautiful waterfall that produced a rainbow of water vapour and we climbed to the top and looked back down the waterfall. Getting back on the bus we headed straight to the coast, to a black sand beach and had a snowball fight!! Another brilliant highlight! That night we walked around in Reykjavík before getting a massive ice-cream, double the size of a whippy.

On the third day we got up at 8am and it was -3°! It was our final day and we were all a bit down because of that. It had snowed an incredible amount overnight. We got on the coach and headed for a geothermal power station to learn about how they produce electricity in Iceland. It smelt like rotten eggs; sulphur. After learning about pollution and how geothermal power is a sustainable, we trundled back to the coach, but not before sinking knee-deep/waist-deep into snow and having some of the boys dive into it! We set off for the geysers where we watched a geyser erupt and spray boiling water 20-30 metres high before it gracefully made its way back down to settle on the ground. We then visited a gorge waterfall and we passed a dead volcano with a lake at the bottom of it. It was quite a trek in mountainous terrain and then we had to walk down steps and more steps and even mores steps just to get down to the waterfall.

The last day of being in Iceland was incredibly nice, we went shopping in the heart of Reykjavík, enjoying skidding on the ice. We went to a shopping centre which was built on pivots in case of an earthquake and then we had to go home. 

It was an experience that all the Year 10 students on the trip won’t ever forget.




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