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Added 2 yearss ago

We have been running a series of Ceramics workshops after school for a group of Year 9 students who have opted to do GCSE Art next year. We are lucky enough to have a trainee teacher in school who is a Ceramicist and has been delivering the workshops. Mr Hughes has been passing on his expert knowledge and so far the students have been learning how to create slab and pinch pots in clay.

They will be going on to learn about glazes and they are going to be making a Japanese tea set. The workshops will culminate in a day of raku firing (weather permitting!) which is a very specialist Japanese technique which involves using a kiln outside; pieces are then removed from the kiln and placed in containers of combustible materials, which blackens raw clay and causes crackles to the glaze surface. It is an unpredictable but exciting process.

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