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A Weekend with a ‘Ready or Not Tot’

Added 2 yearss ago

In order to provide students with a realistic idea of the demands of parenting Year 10 students, will be participating in a parenting simulation project as part of our Child Development course.  This project involves caring for a lifelike, electronic, parenting manikin for a weekend collecting on the Friday afternoon and returning on the Monday morning.  

This week India Rule and Tegan Manship, pictured right with Archie and Digory, took the babies home and here is how they got on...

“It was a tiring weekend however I’m so glad I volunteered to take Digory home. I’ve learnt how difficult it is to look after a new born baby but if I had the chance I’d definitely do it all again.” 


“I found that the ‘ready or not tot’ was exhausting but a good experience. I found that Archie woke up and cried at least every two hours. It helped me to gain more understanding about a baby and how much care they need on a daily basis. They take your full attention and you need to be willing to have only a bit of sleep! The babies cry is really realistic and will get louder the longer you leave it. Overall, it was a hard but great experience which enables you to realise how much work and effort mums and dads do in their day to day life.” 


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