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Curriculum: Computing trip to Bletchley Park


In March, KS3 computing students visited Bletchley Park. Once the top secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers, Bletchley Park is a place of exceptional historical importance, where Enigma messages were first broken in 1940 and then continued to be broken routinely for the remainder of WW2. Lorenz and Japanese code breakers also provided a mass of vital information about the German defensive plans in France prior to the D-Day invasion.

As well as an insight into British codebreaking, Bletchley provides an entertaining history of computers. Aderyn set the oldest working computer off on a calculation that our phones now do 15 billion times faster! We typed our names in ASCII code, laughed at an early 11kg laptop and enjoyed a blast from the past of retro gaming... (the teachers that is!) Students enjoyed writing a 'snake' game on BBC Micro computers and putting each other's programs to the Turing test to see how convincingly we could code a machine to impersonate a human being. We were delighted to be complimented on how bright and imaginative our students are and it was a truly inspiring day out. Thank you Sheridan, Robert and Roger for your excellent tours!

Richard Lander School