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RLS English Week

Added 3 years ago

Last week Richard Lander School students enjoyed a week of extra-curricular English activities.

Well done to all the teams who took part in the Great Big English Quiz which tested knowledge on books with numbers in the title, the Harry Potter series, the works of Roald Dahl, the ability to solve Dingbats and anagrams amongst other things..

Congratulations to the winning team, ’To win or not to win?’ a.k.a. Holly, Ryn, Bella, Gerran and Ms Hughes, who were closely followed by ’The Pro-Nouns’ a.k.a. James, Poppy, Ella, Rhys and Mrs Knowles and ’Green Eggs and Ham’ - Saskia, Leah, Anna, Isabella and Mrs Ford.

Other RLS English Week activities included  ‘Shakespeare Day’ on Tuesday, ‘no pens drama’ with the Jabberwocky on Wednesday, Blackout poetry on Thursday and creative writing on Friday.


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