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Putting our grave concerns about Climate Change to Sarah Newton MP

Added 3 years ago

The picture above shows our staff room packed with students who gave up their lunch hour to put their questions and concerns on climate change to our local MP Mrs Sarah Newton during the first week of term.

Students were solemn, serious and extremely concerned about the state our planet is in and that not enough is being done to prevent disaster. After an impassioned and very well informed speech from Emily, topics for questions included fracking, transportation, how carbon emissions are calculated and what is omitted from these calculations, the food industry, public transport and pollution.. the meeting overran and Mrs Newton has kindly offered to come back to finish the discussion.

Sarah Newton wanted students to know that she doesn’t see the future as being rosy but she does believe there is hope. She also emphasised that a report from the Committee on Climate Change was coming out on 2nd May which would provide new advice to the government on revised targets. Following this report some targets were revised.

Well done to all the students who attended and expressed their concerns so articulately and precisely . 


Richard Lander School