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Pedal and Scoot for Merits

Added 8 years ago

Pupils keeping fit and green by cycling or scooting to school are going to be awarded eco-merits from the next week.
You might be thinking “That’s not fair I live miles away from school” but do not fear as mileage is taken into account; the further your journey the more merits you will be  awarded.  You will get a merit for every three miles you cycle and there will be bonuses if you brave bad weather.
Prizes will be awarded at the end of term to the most frequent cyclist, the furthest journey and the overall furthest distance cycled during the term.

Register with Mr Roberson and you will receive a cool reflective sticker and number so I can identify your bike or scooter in the bike shed every Tuesday and Friday. 

Sustrans (sustainable travel charity) are going to be running some cycle training courses soon, so let me know if you want to attend any of those.  They have also put together a great map of all the cycle paths in the area including the new traffic free Coosbean link and other  the local cycle paths.
By cycling to school you get to stay healthy and earn merits and prizes; so get on your bikes!
Mr T. Roberson

Richard Lander School