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Netball vs Helston School - Thursday 21st November

Added 8 years ago

Report by Danielle Collins -  Year 8
On Thursday the 21st of November, the year 7, 8 and 9 netball teams played against Helston. The match was away, so we travelled by coach to Helston School. When we arrived, we started warming up and having a team talk by our captains. We all knew this game was going to be tough as Helston are well known for their netball. The game was split up into quarters and each quarter was ten minutes long.
The game commenced, the first quarter always seems to go fast, and they got the first two goals. Lander started to doubt themselves but we knew that we just needed to play like we do in training. After the first quarter it was 4-3 to us! We couldn’t get too excited as it was early days and very close. Miss Meek went over a few things we needed to improve on and some things we needed to keep an eye on. In a couple of minutes we were back on court and working hard to keep our lead. We did some good dodges past their players and barely got pulled up for anything! By the end of the second quarter we were 5 goals in the lead with the score being 6-11. Unfortunately, one of our centre court players was injured, so we did a little switch of positions and were ready for quarter number 3! 

They weren’t going to give up yet, scoring a couple of really good shots in the first few minutes. Our defenders were doing really well to try and stop every goal and make sure they were marking their players tightly. It was still anyone’s game as there wasn’t much in the score! The score at the end of the third quarter was 11-17. Our shooters were doing really well and trying for rebounds. The last quarter was upon us!
Finally the last quarter, we were all fighting it to the end! We were already proud of our shooters but if you saw the last quarter, well they were phenomenal! The centre court players were getting the ball down to the shooters quickly and easily, making every shot count! The final score was 11-23! We had won convincingly! After the game, we did 3 cheers and then left to get on the coach with big, smiley faces!

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