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Writing Workshop with Christopher William Hill

Added 8 years ago

Report by Dulcie Havers – Year 8 

8L1 had a treat last week, when famous author, Christopher Hill, came to do a writing workshop with us, because Sparkle Rice had won the Charles Causley poem competition. To win this fabulous prize she had to write a poem on her chosen theme and then recite it in front of, no less then, 50 people. Once she had won, she was given this prize, for her and the rest of her classmates, to enjoy.

When Mr Hill was with us he learnt our names by asking people to choose an interesting character, to tell a deep secret and, finally, one interesting fact. He then asked us to come up with our favourite, good and bad, characters from novels and to tell him why he or she was our favourite, and then to incorporate that information into a character of our own.

Another activity he came up with was that we had to think up some amusing ways for people to die which involved sweets. Sparkles idea was called Candimonia!  We also had to smell tiny tins and describe what they smelt like in different descriptive words, for example: strong, sweet, disgusting, beautiful and we also designed and described our own grotesque chocolate factory, as well as our own chocolate!

To top it all off, for his final activity, he showed us a potential story starter; which was a burnt human heart that smelt so horrible but was a  super story starter with endless possibilities.

Christopher Hill said that we, as a class “were brilliant and a pleasure to work with.” He then offered us this advice: “Never write a story you don’t enjoy writing because if you do, almost certainly nobody will want to read it either!”.

So thank you Sparkle for winning this awesome opportunity for us, your effort was definitely worth it.

Richard Lander School