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Sherlock Streptococcus – DNA Workshop at the Eden Project

Added 8 years ago

Report by Jordan Murch –Year 11  

The triple science biology trip to the Eden Project was fascinating! The room in which we stayed for the majority of the day was set up like a pathology laboratory. Pathology is the precise study and diagnosis of diseases. We were told that a type of bacteria, Streptococcus Pyrogenes, has many harmful strands that all contain different genetic codes which form a variety of human illnesses like sore throat, impetigo and the flesh-eating disease, Necrotising Fasciitis (NF). We were then given an unknown sample to test. It was either the bacterium that causes impetigo, NF, or a completely new 'undiscovered' disease. Our main objective was to use advanced level biology equipment like micropipettes and DNA gel electrophoresis to quickly and efficiently discover which disease this strand would cause in our example patient.  The practical was brilliant and the staff that ran the course were very informative and gave step-by-step instructions so that the end result was perfect. Luckily for me and my partner, our results were clear and proved to be a new strand of S.Pyrogenes. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and am very grateful for the opportunity - I want to be a pathologist now!

Richard Lander School