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Student Reviews of Macbeth and A Spanish Play

Added 8 years ago

Performed by Treviglas School
Reviewed by Jacob Moran—Year 8

After months of preparation, finally it was here; a stunning production of Macbeth performed by Treviglas school in association with RSC and HFC, and with a Cornish twist to the tale. 

Instead of a castle we had a boat, with the witches and dancers swarming us with their presence, and the set bursting out into the audience. This made for a magnificent 3D experience. 

With the Cornish twist came a female Macbeth, and a male Lady Macbeth, unusual you may think, but actually it worked very well.  Although the story line was occasionally hard to follow with the surreal dancers of Macbeth’s conscience, it was unique and the twists and turns of the story including a drunken porter called for a good old laugh.  You could really feel the Cornish element with the role of King being represented as a Captain of a fishing boat. 
Abbie Taskis (Macbeth) said “it’s been great fun performing, but also very nerve wracking, we had our scripts at the start of the summer holidays and only had 6 weeks to learn them—quite a short time for such a long play. I actually forget to learn my script until just a couple of says before the end of the summer holiday”

Macbeth was slaughtered at the end of the play as the soldiers went to war with lobster pots and beer kegs in their hands.  All that was missing was a simple Cornish Pasty to complete the mix!

Student comments on this production included :
Jacob Milligan - “ I like the twist they put on the story – Macbeth played by a female actress and  Lady Macbeth as a male actor.”

Ruby Leeson – “ I really liked how they had lots of witches to show how much of an impact they had on Macbeth. “

Amy Kimpton – “ The part I really enjoyed was when the dancers (witches) started dancing at the beginning as it was quite freaky and very entertaining. “

Becky Jones – “ The part I really enjoyed was when Macbeth went crazy seeing Banquo at the feast as he was the only one that could see him.”

My friends and I all agree that it was an epic performance worth 4 ½ Stars out of 5.


Spanish Play

This was a tale of a Spanish boy looking for love. It was a comic tale about a ‘dating stylist’ – masquerading as a sports mad woman, a musician, a Goth, and a fashionista -  who climbed into the boy’s  house to advise him on getting him a girlfriend.

The fashionista and musician both called for volunteers from the audience, and the ‘lucky’ chosen ones, Jack Leadbetter and Caleb Engelfield amused their peers, joining in the fun and being ‘styled’, including having lessons in how to walk and what to wear to attract a girl’s attention.  They also were given Style girl’s business card: Si no tienes novia, necesitas ‘Style chica’ (If you don’t have a girlfriend you need ‘Style girl’)
After all the transformations of both style AND character, our Spanish friend found that girls actually like you for who you are rather than who you try to be and walked off into the moonlight with the girl he had liked for ages.
My friends and I all agreed that after what could be called an eventful morning and all the funny transformations, he well deserved a girlfriend!

4 stars out of 5 

Richard Lander School