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Gardening Club make Christmas Wreaths / Craft Club’s Christmas Stall at Sainsbury’s

Added 8 years ago

Gardening Club make Christmas Wreaths
Report by Zak Minett – Year 8

10 of Richard Lander School’s best gardeners were treated to a workshop to reward them for all their hard work in the school garden. They worked for the whole of lunch and through period 5, during which time they made there very own Christmas wreaths. The workshop was hosted by Miss Ritchie and a local florist. The children were given a twig base to start off and they then customized their wreaths individually, with an array of festive objects, such as holly leaves, gold and silver flowers, chilli's, pinecones, and finally dried slices of apples and oranges, which they fixed onto the base using wire. Of course no wreath would be complete without a bow, which was later fixed on with string.  Rosie Tuft, year 8, who took part said that wreath making “was fun and prickly', (referring to the holly of course)
Later that day students were allowed to take their wreaths home and festively hang them up.
Merry Christmas Richard Lander!

Craft Club’s Christmas Stall at Sainsbury’s

Craft club had a very successful day last Thursday when they  set up stall in Sainsbury’s, Truro and sold their beautiful hand made decorations and gifts to the public. From knitted bowties to Christmas tree decorations, phone socks to hand warmers, the items on sale were all original in design and finished to a very high standard.

  The girls “manned” the stall in shifts during the day and Megan Price from year 9 even made an announcement on the in-store Tannoy system to publicise the event! Over all, the students made over £100 and were polite, courteous and a pleasure to be around.

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