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Climbing Club’s First Trip

Added 8 years ago

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On Thursday 21st of November, some keen climbers from Richard Lander went on a climbing trip that Mr Tamlyn organised to The Barn Climbing Centre in Devon.  We had an excellent time!
Firstly, we went bouldering (which is like climbing, but done at a lower height and without ropes) on a giant bolder in the centre of the room surrounded by the climbing walls.  The routes on the walls surrounded the climbers on the boulder like a group of hungry coyotes surrounding helpless road runners. Next, we were fitted into a harness (which is a piece of equipment to attach the rope/karabiner to you) and given a quick demonstration of how a belay (another piece of equipment to feed the rope through whilst the person is climbing and to hold them dangling in the air if they fall).
Finally, we went to climb. The climbing walls stretched to about 18 metres and there were lots of overhangs and lead walls. Leading is where the rope is not attached to the top of the wall, but where you clip the rope up onto the wall as you climb. This is perhaps the scariest way to climb, but the most exciting! There were lots of different routes to choose from on the walls. They ranged from about 3as to about 7-8as (which is quite easy to very, very difficult).
The trip to The Barn was very exciting and everyone enjoyed it. I am glad that Mr Tamlyn created a climbing club and gave climbers at Richard Lander experiences to do challenging climbs more often. I can’t wait, and I am sure others can’t either, to go a on another climbing trip!


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