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Little Shop of Horrors - Horribly Good!

Added 7 years ago

By Zak Minett – Year 8

Once again Richard Lander School has successfully pulled off an incredible School production, this year being the well known ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ which ran from 11th—13th February.

The plot revolves around the sudden success of Seymour Krelborn, whose downtown life is turned around when he buys an unusual plant, calling it Audrey 2 in honour of his co-worker who he secretly has feelings for. The play soon takes a darker twist though, as the plant reveals it’s taste for blood, resulting in death and disaster. With a huge man eating puppet to make and only weeks to rehearse, the play was certainly going to be a tricky one from the start, but students and staff gave it their all, and pulled off a more than successful production. 
After auditions being held last term, year 11’s Carlen Williams was chosen as the lead role; Seymour, Katie Blackwell as Audrey, Charles Secombe as the voice of Audrey II, Kelan Pascoe as Mr Mushnik, and finally year 9 student Cameron Hughes as evil dentist, Orin. With all students giving it their all, whether front or back stage, the musical stood up to Richard Lander School’s reputation of putting on professional productions.

The show was directed and produced by drama teachers, Mrs Nortje and Miss Charleston, with the set being made and designed by  Ms Bone, Ms Green, Mr D. Pascoe and community artist and ex-parent, Clare Summerson. Mrs Whomersley expertly took charge of the school band, Mrs Anstee, Mrs and Miss Stephens and Miss Ritchie provided the fantastic costumes, Mr Conrad lead a dedicated student team in Lights and Sounds, Creative Edge provided the programme, Mr Moon, Mr Gilbert and Mr Gibson managed all those practicalities without which it would be totally impossible to put on a school production, in fact it was a RLS team effort and there really are too many names to mention. Thank you to you all, you know who you are!

‘’It’s really fun, especially skid row, where you have everyone joining in’’ commented year 11 student, Sam Barton in an interview. He played a radio presenter in the play, and, ironically, an interviewer.

Director, Mrs Nortje, commented, ‘’It has been an incredible journey putting together this production. This show is not short of its directorial challenges; however, I am delighted that the final product received such a positive response from the audience. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with all of our wonderfully talented students who have applied themselves so professionally in order to make it such a super show! I am very proud of you all!”
When asked the question, How did you react when you found out you had been cast in the lead role, Carlen replied ‘’ I was excited but instantly nervous, though I knew it would be a great reward for me and a priceless experience’’.

A huge thank you to all staff and students who have made this possible. For interviews with the main cast, please see the next page.


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