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Who Killed Mr Dominey?

Added 7 years ago

By Zak Minett – Year 8

Last week, 12 keen science enthusiasts from year 8 were off time-table planning the school's annual murder mystery, the victim - Mr Dominey. The students were taken to a crime scene outside the school, before spending the morning in Lab 213, where they carried out a number of experiments to solve last year's case. The students learnt how to carry out forensic experiments in order to pass on their knowledge to a group of year six students from local primaries who will be following in their footprints later on this month. The experiments included testing for toxins in the 'stomach contents' of the victim, examining a mix of foods such as seeds and tomatoes, using litmus paper, testing for fingerprints, and even looking at pollen samples under a microscope. After break, the students decided that last year's killer was, Jimmy Rellik. Notice his surname spells killer backwards?
After they had discovered who the murderer was, it was time for them to set about making their very own murder mystery. First things first, the group set about creating their very own characters - two police officers, 2 witnesses to the crime, and 8 suspects including Sammy Sweeps, a 90 year old ex-caretaker who was sacked by Mr Dominey, Skater Steve, who suffered a terrible accident while skate-boarding, and Katie Redrum, who had no love for Mr Dominey who had given her lots of detentions.

Chanell Sellers, eye-witness, aka 'Cocoa Chanell' said '' The day was very interesting, but i didn't enjoy the guts''.

The final part of the day was spent putting the finishing touches on the crime and assigning tasks, photographing the suspects for the day and creating a presentation. The day was facilitated by Mrs Silverthorn, Mrs Bond, and Miss Davies.

We look forward to welcoming the group of year sixes to take part in the murder mystery, which will finish with an imaginary court case to determine this year’s killer. Will they solve the crime?

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