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Primary Students Impress Sports Leaders by Getting Stuck In

Added 7 years ago

Report by Chrissy Warren and Nyasha Muzarurwi.

The most surprising thing about the Primary Multi-Skills Festival was how willing the younger children were to get stuck into the activities.  The afternoon was really exciting because we, the sports leaders, did not know how it would all pan out, but fortunately everyone participated with full commitment.  This was the first sporting afternoon that the Year 10 sports leaders had ever organised, which made it quiet nerve-wracking for us all. One Year 10 student said:  

“We weren’t too sure if everyone would enjoy the activities we set up, but luckily the children seemed to have fun and had smiles on their faces by the end of the day and didn’t want to leave.”

We were in groups of three or four and we all gave the children a ten minute session which included twelve different sports based activities e.g. Dance, Hockey, Football, Skipping and much more.  The children who we taught showed a surprising amount of determination even though some were injured or don’t usually play the sport.

One of the obstacles we had to face was not knowing if the weather would be on our side or not.  We worried about this uncertainty but in the long run we feel like we benefited from this, because one of the qualities of being a sports leader is that you need to be able to improvise and think on your feet.  Overall we believe the afternoon went really well and hopefully we will get an opportunity to hold a festival like this again.

Miss S. Guymer, Primary Sports Coordinator, was very pleased by our work on the event, saying

“As always I was really proud of the way our sports leaders interacted with the younger students, displaying kindness, patience and positivity throughout the day. The primary students clearly loved working with them. Thank you to all the participating schools, we look forward to welcoming you to our next event!” 





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