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Flying Children, Pirate Ships and Fairies bring Peter Pan to Richard Lander School

Added 6 years ago

Report by Jessica Georgelin - Year 8

The annual Richard Lander School production is always a joy to watch, and with Peter Pan being this year’s show the Creative Arts department had a few questions on their minds. Such as how to make children fly, What does Never Land sound like and do you believe in Fairies?…

The story starts when a mysterious boy flies through the window of the Darling children’s nursery. Wendy, John and Michael travel to Never Land with Peter Pan to discover a world of adventure and excitement, to find motherless Lost Boys, fearsome braves and slightly comical yet deadly pirates and to maybe meet some fairies along the way. 

The production was amazing, with extraordinary vocalists, exceedingly well executed choreography and outstanding acting, not forgetting the backstage boys and lighting and sound crew, who made sure that the scenes were as believable as possible. The audience watched in wonder as Hook (Marcus McDermott) and Peter Pan (Tee Stevens) battled to the death supported by armies of lost boys, pirates and Indians, and even a crocodile! Wendy (Cathy Bennett) sang solos which brought tears to the eyes whilst Tiger Lily (Alabama Seymour) had everyone looking on in awe at her dancing ability, ably supported by her Indian tribe. 

Over 150 students were involved, from the live band lead by Mrs Whomersley, to the creators of the set and costume makers. All students gathered at lunchtimes, weekends and afterschool to bring the production to the stage, but none of this could have happened without all the teachers who really brought this together, especially the joint directors, Mrs Charleston and Mrs Nortje.

Zak Minett, who played John Darling, said “Taking part in the school production has been really fun, particularly working with lots of students that you otherwise wouldn’t get to know”

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