The legendary Lander4Uganda School Sleepover is back!

Join us.. details below

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As part of our on-going fundraising efforts, we would like to invite students to our internationally famous and incredibly exciting, Richard Lander School sleep over – this year with a Christmas theme! This will take place from 19:00 on Friday 25th November until 09:30 on Saturday 26th November. All proceeds from this event will go towards the Lander for Uganda project which aims to improve the quality of life for hundreds of students and their families in and around the Masaka area of Uganda.

This activity will involve groups of student volunteers (with adult supervision) setting up and running activities in classrooms from 20:00 until 00:00, students will then stay the night in school under staff supervision before enjoying an early breakfast the next day. Activities planned include: a roller disco, watching films up to certificate 12A, gaming rooms, craft activities, music, sport and much more. There will also be a fundraising refreshment room selling drinks, snacks and hot dogs.

Students must make their own way to and from school and ensure that a member of Richard Lander School staff is aware of their arrival and their departure, by signing in and out at main reception.

Dress code will be long legged pajamas or onesies, dressing gowns, jumpers and trainers as required. Nighties, cropped tops and shorts are not appropriate.  Students will also need to bring a sleeping bag or quilt, pillow and a bowl and spoon for breakfast. Students may bring bean bags or a roll mat if they would like to, but please bear in mind students will have to carry all their belongings up to the sleeping rooms. Sleeping arrangements for all students will be by gender/year/friendship group.  Each group will be assigned a separate classroom for sleeping in.  Staff will be supervising corridors at all times during the night.

The cost of this activity will be £15.00 to be paid via ParentPay. This includes breakfast cereal with milk, juice and toast. Please provide for your own special dietary requirements.  Please note there will be sweets, treats and hot dogs available to buy at an additional cost during the evening. Please complete the online consent form, and the payment on £15 via ParentPay if you would like to attend. Payment can be made by Debit/Credit card through ParentPay (which can be accessed through the school website) or alternatively you may pay by cash at any local store displaying the Paypoint sign but you will need a bar-coded letter from school to do so. If you need to pay cash please contact Miss Grigsby, School Business Manager, on 01872 242744 or email

Thank you for supporting Lander4Uganda!

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