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Positive recognition for students encourages good learning habits, kindness and respect and acknowledges the daily effort involved in 'being the best you can be'. At Richard Lander we recognise that students deserve congratulation and praise to support their own confidence and help them realise they are worth it.

Every day at school, students can expect to be praised in lessons by the issuing of merits.  They can track their merits and are then encouraged to donate them to local, national and international charities.  For every 50 merits a student earns, the school donates the cost of planting a tree through our school-to-school links in Uganda, giving a real and tangible impact for students by showing them how their actions benefit the developing world.

Closer to home great work by students is praised to by electronic ‘postcards’ sent to parents and by recognition by their tutor group.  Each half-term assemblies include prize draws for attendance or being the highest merit earners.  Take a quick look at our school social media platforms and our regular school bulletin and you will just see how much we love to celebrate talent the and effort of our students within the curriculum, through sport, representing the school or just by doing something great.