On Thursday 16th November, we welcomed our Class of ‘23 back to school to collect their GCSE and vocational exam certificates, along with special awards. We were also looking forward to hearing how their lives had changed since leaving Lander in June.

It was wonderful to see so many of our young adults, out of school uniform, looking so grown up, confident and ready for life’s rich tapestry of adventure!

Firstly, all students were presented with their exam certificates and subject awards, by their tutors, with running commentary and anecdotes from Mr Holloway. Well done to you all on your exam results, you worked hard despite disruption to your education and did yourselves proud!

After tutors had handed out the envelopes of certificates, the evening programme moved on to special awards. Huge congratulations to all of the following who received special recognition:

Whole School Design Award Niamh Whyte

Arthur Herbert Award for excelling in Science, donated in remembrance of Arthur Herbert, a former Head of Science at Richard Lander School – Laura O’Dowd 

Oliver Beckerlegge Award for languages, given by Dr Honor Aldred, programme manager for French at the University of Leeds, in memory of her father Oliver Beckerlegge. – Dan Hobba

Jon Williams Award – presented to 3 students whose achievements deserve special recognition. Donated in memory of John Williams, a former Deputy Head Teacher of Richard Lander School – Benny Tinkler, Mia Ewart, Sennen Taylor 

Outstanding Contribution Award – presented to 4 students who have given an outstanding contribution to Richard Lander School, throughout their education — Connie Berry, Lomay Wilson, Elizabeth Garvican, Niamh Whyte 

Extra-Curricular Award presented to 7 students who have given an outstanding contribution to extra-curricular activities at Richard Lander School – Greenpower World Champions – Hazel Orbell, Kirsty Orbell, Ella Hillson, Gorran Teagle, Luca Wilding. Duke of Edinburgh – Luca Twomey & Benny Tinkler 

Outstanding Personal Achievement presented to 4 students who have shown an outstanding personal achievement during their time at Richard Lander School – Taya Aerts, Jmelee Fogarty, Daniel O’Loughlin & Isabella Sivam

Outstanding Academic Achievement to 4 students who have shown determination, effort and endeavour throughout their five years at Richard Lander School –Lauren Marples, Emily Lewis, Daniel Hobba, Adam

Van Hoorn

 Head Teacher Awards as chosen by Mr S Mulcahy: Lauren Marples, Daniel Hobba, Isabella Sivam

The evening finished with a speech from Head Students 2022/2023, Lauren Marples and Dan Hobba. They’d written a light-hearted parting poem which was really lovely and received huge applause!

Thank you to everyone who came on Thursday night. Please stay in touch; send us an email, call and make an appointment to visit, volunteer at one of our careers events to inspire future students. A message from an ex-student really brightens our day and we are so grateful when you can spare the time to come into school.


Parting Speech

Written by Head Students 2023, Lauren Marples and Dan Hobba for Year 12 Presentation Evening

 D – Our 5 year at RLS have taught us a lot about ourselves,

L – through events, friendships and memories…


D – We’ve painted, created, experimented and translated.

L – We’ve dissected, designed, set on fire and debated.


D – All of us played our part.

L – But that was just the start!


D – We experienced the world of work,

L – Saw the early mornings but not the perks,


D – Sat so many mocks,

L – Sent so many TikToks,


D – And sure, we missed our friends during lockdown…

      but we dazzled at prom in suits and gowns;

L – We danced with Holloway and partied in Falmouth Bay…

      At Lander, we’ve always done things our own way.


D – We Waked and Shaked,

L – Sang, danced and baked

D – We hiked and biked

L – Slept over and stayed up all night!

D – We’ve helped out, camped out..

L – Dressed up, grew up.


D – You’ve helped us look to the    future and not linger on the past,

L – We just didn’t realise it would all go so fast.


D – So on behalf of the Class of ‘23

L – thank you so much to all the teachers…


D+L- Who made us the best we can be!




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