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Parents: Uniform

A well worn uniform is a symbol of unity and of community. Our uniform applies to all students equally and we insist that students wear it with pride.

Our uniform is practical and smart. It is worn well and causes few issues. We have specifically chosen not to wear formal shirts, ties and blazers as experience and good judgement tells us that too much time will be spent enforcing the correction of items worn incorrectly. Instead, our smart polo shirts, jumpers and cardigans allow us to concentrate on hearts and minds and the business of education.

Our students like the school uniform and they tell us it is smart, comfortable and the best type of clothing which will enable them to learn in comfort. As of November 2018, Richard Lander School uniform is available from Trutex - more information below. PE kit is still available from Whirlwind Sports. Parents can order online at https://www.whirlwindsports.com/brands/richard-lander-sports-kit.html or visit their shop: Whirlwind Sports, 29a River Street, Truro, TR1 2SJ - Tel: 01872 277763

As of summer term 2018, Richard Lander School have introduced a pair of formal school shorts to the school uniform. These are only available from Trutex uniform supplier. The new shorts have an embroidered school dolphin emblem on the hem. The shorts can be worn by both boys and girls.

Please follow the link below which outlines our policy in detail.

School Uniform Policy 

NEW Uniform Suppler -  November 2018 - Trutex

PE Kit 



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