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Parents: Absence

The average absence for students at Richard Lander School is 1.5 days per term or 4-5 days over the academic year and this level of attendance, on its own, will ensure a certain level of success over the 5 years of secondary education. 

Absence Forms

‘Planned Absence’ are those absences which are known about in advance – doctor’s appointments, family occasions etc.  All ‘planned absence’ should be approved by the school in advance, giving as much notice as possible. 

A planned absence form is available here:

Please send an email to the school as soon as a planned absence is known about.  A member of the school staff team will respond to this request, granting authorisation, within 14 working days.


If your child is absent through illness, please use the telephone system to register this absence or e-mail the Student Support team, as per our normal systems.

There is a 24 hour absentee line – 01872 273772

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