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Arrangements for Emergency Snow Closure

In the eventuality of the school needing to close whilst in session, for example, if there is a heavy downpour of snow, the school has a very clear protocol regarding sending children home.
There may be an occasion when your child or the school staff are not able to make direct contact with you by phone when the school needs to close in such an emergency. This may mean your child is not able to be released from school when the best judgement of the school is to do so. This will be especially problematic for students using one of the school buses as these buses will need to be released promptly.
Therefore, we are asking for your written consent to be able to send your child home in such a circumstance, if we have been unable to establish contact through emergency phone call. Please note that the school does not make decisions such as this lightly. Our decision to close the school will always be taken with the safety of students as our first priority. It will be on rare occasions that we will need to take this course of action and therefore your support is valued.
Further explanation and the form we would like you to sign and return to school is available here.


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Year 11 GCSE English Revision Sessions 

Every Tuesday after school from 3:30 - 4:30pm and Wednesday lunchtime from 1:10 - 2:00pm, GCSE English Revision Sessions will take place in school. Mrs Astle has published a detailed timetable which is available here.





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